Cydia hack is required for jailbroken iOS users

SBSettings Cydia Hack

 There are a lot of hacks available on Cydia for Jailbroken iOS users. Some of them are quite beneficial and they are a must have on your device. Here you will get to know about a few must have hacks meant for your jailbroken iDevice. iOS 6.1 Jailbreak is out, and Cydia is overloaded at this moment. I believe it will take a day or two, before we would see Cydia running with normal speed. For now, you can start making a list of Cydia hacks that you are planning to install on your Jailbroken iOS 6.1 devices.  We have already shared few useful Cydia tweaks for iPhone 5 users, and here I’m extending the list with few more.

Cydia Hacks to improve iOS functionality:

3G Unrestrictor

The first hack is by the name 3G Unrestrictor. This is a very useful iPhone hack, and it enables the user to make the 3G and EDGE networks to think that they are Wi-Fi. This means that through this hack, VoIP apps like Fring and Skype and able to work over 3G or EDGE networks without having to face any restrictions. 3G Restrictor is available from Cydia for $3 and there’s also a three-day trial period available which gives an idea about the tweak. Do remember, if you are on limited 3G connection, this app might not be for you.

Dashboard X

This is the best widget system for the jailbroken iPhone. It’s very easy to use. The user just has to enter the icon editing mode. This mode can be entered by tapping and holding an icon. The user then taps and holds on any empty space on the homescreen while all icons wiggle. Doing this makes all of the installed widgets on your device to appear in a list. A new screen pops up which allows users to choose ‘interaction’ and the ‘Auto Center’ options. All that is required is the selection of the desired widget and it will appear on the Springboard.

It costs $1.99, and it uses the same widgets as the Notification Center widgets used in the device. It can be found through the ModMyi repo.


SBSettings is one of the most useful hacks for a jailbroken iPhone. Through this Cydia hack, users get quick access to many settings of the phone without having to exit the applications already running on the device. It also presents toggles or buttons in order to enable, disable and adjust many settings. It’s available for free from Cydia via BigBoss repo. This is one must have Cydia hacks that every Jailbroken user should install. Link


This is another very useful hack. It’s also probably the most used hack that’s available on Cydia. This hack enables the user to decide how apps will function when they are closed. This allows them to enable or disable multitasking independently for every app and this adds more power to the multitasking of the iPhone.

It adds an icon on the homescreen, and is beneficial when it comes to multitasking. It’s available for free at Cydia’s BigBoss repo.


This hack transforms the iPhone into a touch screen device that’s fully functional. This means that almost everything on the device can be controlled by gestures or touch. This is perfect for the multi touch screen featuring iPhones. There’s no need to use the Home button anymore. Users can perform many actions through different movements or gestures made by the finger on the trigger bar.

There are 6 gestures, which can be assigned to the 13 available actions. The hack also places 5 icons on the lockscreen which can be accessed with a simple tap. There’s no need to worry about the ‘lockscreen unlock’ process. It’s available for $7.66 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’s saves time and prevents the ‘wear and tear’ the home button would’ve gone through.

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