Fix: Exceeded number of possible APT packet names

 If you are on old Cydia user, and recently jailbroken your iOS device using Evasi0n, you might have noticed an error in Cydia saying “Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of“, and I’m sure you must be wondering what it is. Though, with the message it’s clear that we have added the maximum number of Cydia packages, and that’s why it’s giving error. Though, before Jailbreaking iOS6, I never faced this issue, and to quickly fix this, I removed one repo. In my case I deleted Bigboss cydia repo, and it solved the problem. Below, I will explain why you are getting this error and how to fix it:

How to Fix exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of Error

Cydia hosts great number of Cydia sources, and every source have tons of packages in it. When you add a new Cydia source, it also adds all packages associated with it. Technically, a source can have 1 package or it could have unlimited package. If you remember, when ever you add a new source, Cydia warn you, and ask for confirmation. Basically, this is to ensure that you know what you are doing, and you adding a reliable Cydia source.

Cydia has a limit of 65k (Approx) packages in total, and when you install Cydia on iOS device, it adds around 40K packages by default. Do remember, Cydia adds some of the default repo like Bigboss, which is one of the biggest Cydia source, with huge number of packages. So, after a fresh installation of Cydia, you are left with just 25K packages. When you start adding more new source, and as soon as your iOS device reaches 65K packages, it starts giving exceeded the number of packages error.

In a recent questionnaire, Saurik (creator of Cydia), explained that this is not a bug, but a limitation of Cydia, which will be removed in upcoming updates.

“It is a limitation in Cydia (technically it isn’t a “bug”, but it is certainly irritating). This will be fixed at some point, hopefully soon, but currently it is only affecting people who insist on installing every single repository in existence, which is generally dis-recommended for numerous reasons anyway (if nothing else, by installing a repository, you are agreeing to enter their universe, so you shouldn’t do that unless you trust them to not, for example, attempt to push you upgrades to essential packages). As it stands, even if you install all of the default repositories and all of the large international ones, there is plenty of headroom.”

So next time, if you get “Exceeded the Number of Package Names This APT is Capable of” error, simply go back to Manage > Sources and delete those sources which you are not using. This will also be useful, when you are unable to add new source because of above error.

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