How to install AppCake from Cydia: Installous Alternative

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 Departure of installous is indeed one of the sad news for iOS jailbreak community and also parent company Hackulous is also shut down. Though, this doesn’t stop jailbroken iOS community to find some of the best Installous alternative and there are many which will still let you install paid apps for free. One of them is Appcake which will let you install paid apps for free.

I just finished installing Appcake from Cydia and this is my first time interaction with any other such app after Installous. Honestly, till the time I was using Installous, I never required to use any other app for installing jailbroken app, as one can find all possible paid and free apps on Installous. Though, now since installous is gone, Appcake turns out to be a great alternative and just remember one thing: Appcake works for jailbroken iOS device. So you still need to jailbreak your device to enjoy appcake. To enjoy Appcake, you need Cydia and in this guide I will be sharing how to install Appcake on your Jailbroken iOS device form Cydia.

Guide to Install AppCake on Jailbroken iPhone or iPad:

There are just few steps you need to follow to install Appcake+ on your iOS device. In my case, I installed Appcake on iPad2 running iOS 5.0.1 and it’s jailbroken. Here are quick steps and then I will explain them in detail:

  • Add Appcake repo
  • Search & install Appcake or Appcake+
  • Now Install Paid apps for free using Appcake

Add Appcake repo:

Official repo for Appcake is http://cydia.iphonecake.com and I have already shared earlier, how to add new sources to Cydia. Simply go ahead and add Appcake source under manager sources under Cydia. Once, http://cydia.iphonecake.com source has been added, follow the next step. Now hit the search button and search for Appcake or Appcake+ and install it on your iOS device.


It will take a minute or two to install Appcake and once it’s installed, you can start using it. I’m attaching the screenshot for the same.

Appcake cydia App
Another good Installous alternative is vShare but somehow, I couldn’t successfully install it on my iPad and I will try again later and will share the tutorial. Downloading Apps via Appcake is quite easy and like Installous, most of cracked apps are hosted on free file sharing sites and few popular apps can be downloaded with single click from direct server.

Update: I have tried Vshare, which turns out to be the best alternative, as it offers amazing UI, and let you download apps from their direct server.

If you are one of the power user of Installous, you might find Appcake+ to be one of the best solution and probably you might not miss installous. I will keep sharing about my experience with Appcake in coming days, don’t forget to share this article on Facebook for others to know about Appcake and one of the best installlous alternative.

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