How to Use Cydia: A Beginners Guide

How to use CydiaIf you are not sure your iPhone has Cydia or not, simply search for Cydia in iPhone search or look out for this pretty image on the right. Tap on it and for the first time it will take time to load. You need to be connected to Internet in order to use Cydia.

 Cydia app is one of those reason why you jailbreak your iOS device. People who often buy jailbroken iPhone or iPad, they notice Cydia app but they never bothered to look into it. When I bought an iPhone , 3 years back I had no idea about Jailbreaking and unlocking. Later on I learned about Cydia and installous and I believe this guide will be helpful for newbies to learn how to use Cydia.

So, before I move ahead with this tutorial, I suggest you to check if your iOS device is jailbroken or now. In case, if you are thinking about benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone, there are many and one of them is you will be able to install many tweaks from Cydia, which will supercharge your iPhone and iPad. There are many tweaks which is not available from App store and Cydia users can install those tweaks instantly.

How to use Cydia for Beginners:

Cydia not only offers free tweaks but they also offer paid tweaks. I installed and bought couple of them like Screen display recorder & My Wi. I will talk about Cydia account management later but now, lets look into the features of Cydia.

Once you open Cydia, it will start reloading and updates the Cydia sources. This may take little time depending upon your network speed. Once, everything is loaded, your Cydia home screen will look like this:

Cydia Homepage

On the footer, you see 5 sections, which I will explain it here:

  • Cydia: Homepage
  • Section : Browse tweaks in the respective sections.
  • Changes: New tweaks and any upgrade is available for previously installed tweaks is shown here.
  • Manage: Add or remove sources.
  • Search : And most usable search feature to find any tweaks.

Now, you will be needing manage account feature only when you are buying any app from Cydia. Though, for this tutorial sake, lets keep it aside.

Using Cydia Sections:

So, I will start showing you every section one by one and in the end, will add a video which give you a demo of how to use Cydia and other sections, which I have explained here.

  • Sections:  This is part, where you will find all the tweaks and themes sorted in particular category. This makes browsing tweaks under one section easier. For example, when you search for ring-tones, or search for themes on cydia.
  • Changes: This section serves two purpose. If you have previously installed tweaks from Cydia, it shows if there is any upgrade available and it also shows all new tweaks added to Cydia, date wise. This way, you can always find new Cydia tweaks as soon as they are updated.
  • Manage section: Now, if you are planning to do many cool things with Cydia, you need to add many new sources. For example, Installous or Sara can be installed using particular repo and so on. Also, you can un-install earlier installed tweaks using manage section.
  • Search:  Do you really think, I’m going to explain this?
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