List of Cydia Final Sources - Version 2016

 For all new starters we already talked about What is Cydia and how to use Cydia and now it’s time to spice up our jailbroken iOS devices with new Cydia apps. Cydia apps are hosted in their respective repo and we need to add the source link before we can download and install particular app.

All of us know the benefits of cydia repositories as they let us find, download and then install Cydia apps, whether they are free, premium or cracked, onto our iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads. This allows us to experience various games, HD themes and tweaks, etc. on our iDevices.  All of us know that jailbreaking an iOS device has a fun of its own. It allows us to install and experience different tweaks and modifications which Apple doesn’t allow. As I mentioned, you need to add Cydia source to download particular tweak from cydia. Here I’m sharing list of those top Cydia Sources, which I keep with me.

Here is a useful tip for you, if you would like to browse all Cydia tweaks on Web browser, you can use this link and see what all tweaks you can get from Cydia. Anyways, lets look into some of those must have Cydia sources, that your iPhone should be loaded with. If you think, there should be others making into the list, do let me know via comment and I will add it.

My top list of Cydia Sources & Repos for 2015:


The first Cydia repository that I am going to talk about is modmyi and it has a very huge variety of tweaks, apps and modifications for your iDevices. Here you can get to know about the latest news, reviews, downloads, themes and Cydia apps, etc. Moving through the website is also very easy, and everything comes from trusted sources. Everything is placed in separate categories, which are: Books, business, education, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. Currently an app by the name Pocket Frogs is getting a lot of attention. This game app is free and players can discover, collect, breed and trade 15,000 unique frogs on the device you have. One of my favorite in their paid tweaks is, MyWi and Sbsettings. MyWi will let you use your iPad as wi-fi router.

<Link: Modmyi>

ModMyi Repo: apt.modmyi.com


Any list of Cydia sources is incomplete without SinfuliPhoneRepo. Here you will find cracked version of all the paid Cydia apps. Sounds like something you interested in? Add the below source and enjoy.

Cydia Repo: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com

iCleanerPro repo:

This repo will be loved by anyone who have less space issue on their iPhone. I hold a 16GB iPhone 5S, and I always run into issue of storage almost full. iCleanerpro is a free cydia app using it you can free up a lot of space from your phone. You can download this app from official cydia repo mentioned below:

iCleaner Pro repo: exile90software.com/cydia

vShare repo:

vShare is the best alternative to Installous and in 2015 if you plan to download paid iOS apps for free, you should use vShare. vShare can downloaded from it’s official repo mentioned below and don’t forget to download Appsync before installing vShare. You should read this guide to learn how vShare works.


iPhone Cake repo

Many people consider the iPhoneCake repo as the best repo if you are looking for games to play on your iDevice. This repo has a variety of games, and you will definitely find a game that you have been looking for. This repo also has other apps and tweaks that help in enhancing your iDevice experience. Currently, the game ‘Asphalt 5’ is listed on the repos top 10 list and it allows you to drive cars from famous manufacturers from around the world.

Repo URL: cydia.iphonecake.com


Insanelyi is another entry in the cydia sources I am talking about. Here you can find numerous mods, apps and tweaks, etc. from trusted sources. You can even join their forums and keep yourself up-to-date with all of the hot topics. There are also very useful tutorials present on the site. Currently, this repo has a tweak by the name ‘FastLock’ and if this tweak is installed in your device, then double tapping the home button from the lock screen will show you a useful menu. This menu will allow you to place a call, write an e-mail, send a message, send a tweet, add a contact, take a picture, etc. <Link: Insanelyi>


The FillippoBiga repo  provides you with a very interesting design. In this repo you can search through a variety of apps meant for your iDevices. A tweak by the name ‘Springtomize’ is present at this repo and with all of the modifications present in it, this is the only tweak you’ll need in order to customize your iDevice. This tweak allows you to customize the icons, dock, Status bar, lockscreen, folders and everything else you want to customize on your iDevice. <Link: FlippoBiga>


The BigBoss repo is considered by many as the best Cydia source repositories present on the internet. This repo hosts hundreds of tweaks, mods, apps and themes, etc. for you to try on your iDevices. The forums have every hot topic present in them, and you can also discuss what kind of future tweaks you want to use and be up to date about the developments happening in the iDevice world. You can get the RingerX VIP tweak from this repo. This tweak allows iDevice users the ability to configure the ring and the vibrating behavior of the iDevice when it gets a call or a message. It even allows you to mute the device for a specific period of time. Here you can check out list of Cydia apps by Bigboss. Another interesting thing about Big Boss repo is, they let you host those iPhone apps, which is declined from app store.

Repo link: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

Here you can find another big list of Cydia sources but instead of adding everyone of them, add only which is popular.

Here are additional suggested Cydia sources, I would suggest you to add and browse:

  • iPhoneTechie: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/iPhoneTechie/
  • iClarified: http://cydia.iclarified.com/

So, if you are looking for a new tweak for your iDevice, then on over to the repos I have mentioned on the list, and you will surely find a cool tweak that you will like. Do let me know what other Cydia sources you are using in 2015 on your jailbroken iPhone.

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