What is installous and why should you install it

 If you are a geek or non-geek and you hold an iPhone or iPad, one of the most common queries which you will be asked by others:

  • Is your iPhone Jailbroken?
  • Is your iPhone Factory unlocked?
Now, in this article, I will be talking about one app, which will surely encourage you to jailbreak your iOS device. Apple app store is full of apps and most of good one are paid and then there are free one too. For me, I’m a big fan of many popular Paid games but again when you can get something for free, why would you spend money for that. Specially, with so many amazing pais apps available in the market, I’m sure you would not like to spend a fortune buying and trying all apps.

What is Installous?

I have just hinted you above about Installous and if you can’t read between the words, here is a complete explanation of what Installous is and why you need it on your iOS device.  Installous is a jailbroken iOS application, which has been developed by docmorelli, though it was originally created by puy0. This application enables you to download, install, share as well as update cracked apps in quite an organized fashion. It’s available on Cydia by the name ‘Installous 5’ and you would need a jailbroken device in order to install and use it.

In simple word, if you are looking to install paid apps on your iPhone and iPad for free, you need Installous. It’s an app, which will let you download paid apps, as well as free apps from file sharing and torrent sites. Even if you don’t have an app store ID, you can use installous to install apps on your iPad or iPhone.

Features of Cydia Installous:

Local Sharing

There’s a ‘LocalSharing’ feature present in this tweak, and it allows you to share tweaks or cracked applications with other devices by using Bluetooth or if the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. This feature can be enabled by going into Settings and selecting any one of the IPA files present in the Downloads tab. By clicking on ‘Send IPA’, instructions will appear telling you how to send the file to some other device.


Applications can be downloaded and installed in the background, and this gives you the option to do other tasks on the device.


It also tells you about the updates available for the apps present in the device, through the ‘Updates’ tab. All you need to do is click on the update and receive information about the new version. Clicking ‘Download’ will show a set of instructions, which will enable the update to be downloaded and installed.


This feature will ask you if you want to send an application to another user who hasn’t used the said app. The whole process is anonymous and quite safe.

Apptracker integration

This allows you to report links to the moderators in order to keep apptracker clean. Before proceeding, you need to register with apptracker to make use of this feature.

Downloading through BitTorrent

BitTorrent downloading is also supported. All you’re required to do is click on the ‘magnet link’ visible and the downloading process will start. The app which has been selected needs to be ‘demagnetized’ from the ‘downloads’ tab or by using DHT in order to obtain the .torrent metadata. The download can be paused and started again depending on your preferences.

All of these features make life easier, especially when it comes to downloading and sharing cracked applications. There is one requirement before you download installous and install it, you need to jailbreak your iOS device. You can easily jailbreak iOS device up to iOS 5 and for iOS6 users, you need to wait for a while. You can install Installous from the Cydia Repository Hackulo.us. You can read a complete guide here on How to install installous from Cydia.

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