How to use GameGem to hack SimCity and other iOS games

Are you tired of those slow strategy games where you need to earn points and it take ages to move from one round to another ? Recently I started playing SimCity BuildIt which is indeed a great and addictive game. I was playing it day and night but was tired with the slow process.t was the same thing I was doing every day and all I wanted to know is; how it will end. The truth is, such games last for long and people like you and me end up wasting quite a time on the game. Anyways, this article is not about how great Simcity BuildIt game is, instead it’s about a useful Cydia app call GameGem which will let you hack SimCity or any other game on your iPhone or iPad.

Note: After using GameGem to hack any game, you might end up losing interest in the game (Happened to me), so I suggest use it with caution and use this article for education usage only.

How to download and use GameGem Cydia app:

GameGem is available in Bigboss Repo, so you can simply search for “GameGem” and install it on your Jailbroken iOS device. I have tested it with latest version of iOS8.X and it works perfectly fine.  Alternatively you can open this link on your jailbroken iOS device and install GameGem Cydia app.

Using Gamegem:

Using GameGem you can manipulate the number of any game. For example Simoleons or Simcash in SimCity. I haven’t tried it with any other app, but it should work with most of the iOS games. Now let me show you how it works with an example. In this tutorial I’m taking Simcity as an example and you can try the same trick with any other game of your choice.

  • Open the game you want to manipulate (Hack)
  • Now Let the app run in background and open the GameGem. Here is the home screen of GameGem:
GameGem Homescreen

Click on List option at top right and select the app you want to hack (See screenshot):

Select app to hack

Now here is the important part, Open the app you want to hack and notice the number of Gems, Money or what ever you want to manipulate. For example, in my case I wanted to hack Simcity Simoleons. So Right now the number of Simoleons I have is 38:

Simcity Simoleons hack

Go back to Gamegem after noting down the number (Let the game run in the background) and in the input search value enter the number. In my case I have entered “38”, and hit the search button. It will show results like this:

Gamegem by Aidoo Cydia

Now go to the Simcity app and buy or sell anything to change the number. I sold few things and you can see the new number in screenshot is “69”

Simcity Buildit for iOS hack

Now go back to Gamegem and search again for new number “69” and it will show you results but in very few numbers “2-30”

search Gamegem

Click on second menu next to search results as shown in above image. On the next screen select all entry and click on Modify, now enter any number such as “999999” and you will have that much money/points in the game.

Gamegem hacked Simcity

This is it and it would work with almost all the iOS game. Here is a video tutorial showing how to use Gamegem.

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