Top 10 must-have tweaks on Cydia

Adblocker on iOS deviceTired of ads! Already using AdBlocker on your computer, but what about your iDevice. Do you love to see ads when you visit any site on your iPad or iPhone. Just search for AdBlock inside cydia and install it. Once you have installed it on your iDevice, you will no longer see any ads and you can browse a neat and clean website. This tweak will cost you $2.19 but you can also find it for free on any other repo. But installing a pirated version, will make your Safari browser to crash. So I would like to advice you to buy the full version since it is totally worth it.

 >Jailbreaking your iDevice, is something which most of us do. Because of the limited customization options and features a normal user has no option left other than jailbreaking. Jailbreaking gives us a great tool called “Cydia” which can be used to install all kinds of tweaks,apps,utilities and much more. This is a post in which you are going to see the top must have cydia tweaks which every user should install This post is going to help you in selecting the most useful cydia tweaks out of thousands of available one’s. So let’s get started with the first one which is called –

List of Useful Cydia Tweaks for Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

When you jailbreak an iPhone or iPad, you get few default cydia repos but there are many other awesome repos, that you can consider adding. Below, I have mentioned list of repos that you can add and if you are new to adding repo, here is a step by step guide to add cydia sources. So, lets get started with our list of top free Cydia tweaks, which you should install right away. Make sure, you check the version compatibility in description of all the tweaks. Specially, if you are using iPhone 3G or any older firmware on your iOS device, do confirm the version compatibility of these below mentioned tweaks.


Grooveshark is a free utility that is popular for it’s easy to use interface. Just visit Grooveshark.Com on your computer and search and play your favorite track. But what if you could do it on your Jailbroken iDevice, sadly Grooveshark hasn’t mentioned about any iPhone app. But this application is available in Cydia if you are Jailbroken. Just search it in the BigBoss repo and you will find it. Install it and make a new Grooveshark account or sign in if you have already, and start listening to your favorite tracks without even downloading them.


Winterboard as we all know is one of the most popular theme managing tweak available in Cydia. It’s a thousand time better than Summerboard and Winterboard. If you search for themes inside cydia you can find thousands of themes that are available and are compatible with WinterBoard. To install winterboard just search for it inside Cydia and click install. You can also do so by finding a theme inside Cydia and installing it, if it is a Winterboard compatible theme then it will also download and install the Winterboard app with the theme itself. Once you have installed Winterboard, you will be welcomed with a  very easy to use interface with all your themes installed. To apply any one of them, just click on it and repsring. Enjoy the new looks of your iDevice.


Cyntact (Paid)

Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be if you could see the photos of contacts in your contact list. Cyntact is another great cydia tweak that allows you to have pictures placed before the contact name in your Contact list. I tested this application myself and had no issues and moreover I had one doubt that it would slow down the scrolling inside the contact list, but instead it worked perfectly smooth. This app would cost you a $1 and installing it is totally up to you, if you feel that you can find contact easily with pictures displayed on the left then install it right now!


Think how it would look if you could have your notifications on your lock screen itself. IntelliScreenX is an amazing must have cydia tweak that can enable you to have all your Notifications right at your lock screen. Earlier you might have to first unlock your iDevice and then drag the notification center to see your latest notifications, but this tweak will make all your Notifications visible on your lock screen in a little transparent looking way. It looks amazing sitting on the lock screen. You can download it for free inside of Cydia but once it is installed you will have to purchase a license key, which is totally worth it.Right now I am on the trial period which is going to end soon. Hoping to buy a new license for this application.


What will happen if you have lots of cydia tweaks that uses some space on your beautiful home screen. And you got bored of it and thinking to uninstall Cydia tweaks, what would you do. Let me tell you – First open cydia > Find the tweak that you want to uninstall and then uninstall it which will take a considerable amount of time. And after that also you will either have to repsring your device if it is an appearance tweak. Seems to be a lot time-consuming. So “CyDelete” is an application that will allow you to delete all those cydia tweaks that are on your Home Screen directly from there, like you would do for any other app store app. You can find this tweak under the BigBoss repo.


A tweak which allows you to have custom activation gestures and commands for almost every function inside of your iDevice. You can do almost all the task easily by just going inside the application and assigning the touch gesture to a function. Close all applications running in the background by triple pressing the home button, turn wi-fi on or off by just sliding over the status bar and much more!….

AirBlue Sharing

Bluetooth and file sharing is the most disappointing thing for me since I can’t send files to any other android phone or any phone available in the market. I could only send files to any other iDevice like an iPad or an iPhone. But this tweak which is called “AirBlue Sharing” enables us to do all sorts of tasks that any other Android phone could do. Just search for this tweak inside Cydia and install it, just activate it by double tapping on the Status Bar and go to your Music app or Camera roll and click on the small blue arrow to send it through Bluetooth. This will work with any Bluetooth device, be it any PC,Laptop or an android Phone. And the biggest thing is that, it’s totally free.

Five Icon Dock

Five Icon DockA very simple sounding but a pretty useful tweak which enables you to have 5 icons in your dock. Once Google Chrome was released for iOS, i loved it more than I did safari but I didn’t want to remove Safari from my Dock in place of Google Chrome. So I jumped right into Cydia and installed this tweak and got chrome also to fit into the Dock.


Sbsettings Cydia TweakFather and mother of all the Cydia tweaks given above, totally free, worth downloading. This is the best tweak to be used to perform any kind of action on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can use this to reboot, respring, turn  WiFi,3g, Bluetooth  off and much more. SBSettings is the first app you should install from Cydia. You can do all these tasks right from your notification center like any other Android Phone.

List of Cydia sources to add more Tweaks

Though these are just few of the must have Cydia tweaks and if you need more, you should add more Cydia repo on your jailbroken device. One easy way to add Cydia Tweaks is by adding some of the recommended sources in homepage of Cydia. Here are some of the Cydia sources, which you can add right away:

  • http://Cydia.iphonecake.com
  • http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/
  • http://cydia.hackulo.us
  • http://cydia.myrepospace.com/iPhoneTechie/
  • http://cydia.iclarified.com/
  • http://apt.modmyi.com
  • http://cydia.winterboarder.com
  • http://www.iaccess.com/apt/
I highly recommend you to Install installous tweak after jailbreaking your iOS device, as this app will let you download all the premium apps for free. If you are thinking, jailbreaking is illegal, read popular technology myths and misconceptions.

If you have never used Cydia, here is a video which explains how to use Cydia: http://youtu.be/PbrQocQrYLY These were the Top 10 Cydia Tweaks which I feel are must downloading once. If you have any other suggestions then kindly post them below.

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