What is Cydia or Cydia guide: jailbreak, iOS features, tweaks

 When we start using iPhone, iPad, iPod or other Apple devices, we come across concepts such as "jailbreak", "unlock", Cydia or Installous. Jailbreak and Cydia are the most popular of these, as they mean you can install paid iOS apps for free. Advanced users know a lot about Cydia, but new owners of iOS devices may have difficulties. In this post, we will answer basic questions related to Cydia and jailbreak: what is Cydia, how to jailbreak iOS and what are its benefits.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is an independent third-party app for jailbroken iOS devices. Designed by  Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik. Formally, Cydia is similar to the App Store - Apple's official electronic app store. Functionally, Cydia is its opposite: it is a lot of free software packages (applications, settings and extensions), pirated versions of paid software or software not available in the App Store. The main advantage of Cydia is applications that do not and will never be in the App Store. For example, for an exemplary iOS user, only audio ringtones are available as a ringtone for incoming calls. VUZIQ is a Cydia tweak that allows you to set free video ringtones for incoming calls. However, not all applications that functionally and graphically "pump" your devices are free, in particular in Installous - one of the best Cydia applications.

Why do you need Cydia if there is an App Store?

Cydia is an analogue of the  App Store. However, Apple maintains strict censorship in its selection of apps for the App Store, blocking and removing many of them. You can find apps taboo or deleted for one reason or another only in Cydia.

What is jailbreak?

In order to install Cydia on your mobile device, you need to jailbreak your iOS. Without "jailbreaking" the firmware, the iOS user can only access the App Store. Simply put, the purpose of jailbreak is to install and launch Cydia on your iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Jailbreak is an iOS modification that allows the user to access the system files of the device. This allows you to change and edit system files and folders, install additional functions, modify graphics, and bypass restrictions imposed by Apple. Cydia can only be installed on a jailbroken device.

Despite the rather fluid legal status of jailbreak and attempts by some countries to impose restrictions on it, users around the world continue to jailbreak. In each new iOS, Apple fixes vulnerabilities, but jailbreakers still find loopholes for hacking and developing a new jailbreak tool. A few months after the release of a new iOS, development teams respond with new software. The Apple vs  jailbreak standoff began in 2008 when George Hotz unveiled the first jailbreak tool known as Geohot.

What's the difference between tethered and untethered jailbreak?

Tethered jailbreak requires you to connect your device to your computer every time you reboot. Untethered jailbreak remains after device reboot. Semi-tethered jailbreak allows you to restart your device without any problem, but some of the downloaded jailbreak apps are not available. Full access is possible after connecting to a computer.

What are the main jailbreak tools?

The choice of jailbreak tool depends on the device model and iOS version. The list of jailbreak tools is extensive: ZiPhone, QuickPwn, redsn0w, purplera1n, SpiritJB, Limera1n, Blackra1n, PwanageTool, Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze Greenpois0n, and JailbreakMe. To jailbreak the latest iOS versions, use the evasi0n7 utility (iOS 7.0), the Pangu and TaiGJailBreak exploits from the Chinese hackers Pangu Team and TaiG are designed to jailbreak  iOS 7.1; iOS  8.0.x-8.4; iOS 9.0-iOS 9.0.2 . There is no jailbreak for iOS 9.2 at the moment. However, according to rumors, Pangu already has a working version of the iOS 9.2 jailbreak .

Is Cydia Safe?

Before you jailbreak your device, make sure you are sufficiently aware of not only its advantages, but also disadvantages. We cannot guarantee 100% security of all software packages presented in the Cydia Store. Hacking the firmware weakens the built-in security and protection features of the iOS operating system. Security vulnerabilities increase and the chance of malicious software being installed increases. Before you download an app or tweak from Cydia, make sure you only install it and know what it is for. After jailbreaking and running Cydia on your device, Cydia connects to the repositories from which you will download programs. We recommend using trusted repositories   ModMyi and BigBoss.

In addition, it is important that the selected apps or tweaks match the device model and iOS version. Otherwise, during the installation of an extension incompatible with iOS, the device will freeze and you will be forced to do a respring: reset settings and data and reboot the device. Thus, in advance, familiarize yourself with jailbreak tweaks that are compatible in your particular case and how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device.

How does Cydia work?

What is Cydia / Cydia Main Menu

  • Home (Cydia).  Sponsored applications, account information, help and some important parameters.
  • Sections.  All applications in Cydia are divided into categories. Select the one you want and start searching for an app or tweak.
  • Updates (Changes).  All new programs and updates can be found here. The tab is refreshed every time you open Cydia.
  • Management (Manage).  Allows you to manage Cydia, add sources and repositories, remove programs and have access to the archive.
  • Search.  If you know the name of the setting you want, find it using the search tab.

What are the Cydia repositories?

The Cydia repository - an online repository where developers lay out and keep all the content - a program to expand the functionality of your device. Cydia makes this content available by indexing it for the user. Cydia has repositories installed by default, but the user can add new sources. BigBoss and ModMyi are the most popular ones available to the user.

How to buy an app from Cydia?

Most of the software packages in Cydia are free, but there are also several hundred programs for sale through the Cydia Store, similar to the App Store. Cydia allows you to sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account and pay with Amazon Payments, PayPal.

Can Cydia be installed without jailbreak?

Remember, Cydia is the largest App Store alternative for enhanced functionality and interface available to users of jailbroken devices. Access to the App Store is also possible from jailbroken devices. Cydia Store access - only for users of jailbroken devices .

Cydia opens up "forbidden" iOS features. No wonder Cydia is an allusion to the codling moth (Latin  Cydia pomonella ) - a caterpillar eating an apple

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