How to know if your iPhone is jailbroken or not?

 For iPhone users, jailbreaking their device is like rooting on an Android phone, or you might think it's a case of opening more access to your account to deeper parts of the system. iOS system. So how to know if the iPhone you are using has been jailbroken or not? Please refer to the following articles of the Network Administrator.

The first way:

For jailbroken iPhone phones, on the ribbed Home screen there will certainly be a Cydia icon. You just need to see if there are icons and icons of Cydia in this area.

Cydia icon
has the Cydia icon

The second way:

However, for the cases where there are no icons, the Cydia icon does not mean your device is jailbroken. Please apply the next way, which is to check in Settings> General> Software Update :

Go to Settings> General> Software Update

If in the software update it, just load your iPhone forever without displaying specific information must also be up to 90% of device iOS that have jailbreak .

The last way:

Use external support software, it is iTools or 3uTools . You can download the following link:

Installation is complete, you connect your iPhone device to your computer, and check in the iDevice as shown below, whether the status of Jailbroken is Yes or No :

Check in the jailbroken section
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