Instructions for jailbreak iOS 12.3 - 13.x by checkra1n

 Not long ago, we heard of a bootrom exploit called 'checkm8' that can be used to create a jailbreak tool for devices with the A5 chip - A11 running the latest iOS 12.3 to 13.2.2. . And thanks to the hackers working hard in the jailbreak community, we have a tool that really does that, the name of which is checkra1n.

checkra1n is a jailbreak tool based on the bootroom extraction from the device's hardware so it will hardly be patched with software by Apple, so you can be assured of jailbreak no matter what iOS you are running as long as Your device is in support.

Before you begin, however, you NEED TO READ CAREFULLY the below note to get a better understanding of what you are about to do with your device.

Note to know

Firstly: the checkra1n tool is still in beta, so it is definitely risky to use, so I recommend you to use an extra device to jailbreak or wait until the official release.

Second: At the time of writing this guide, checkra1n supports all devices running iOS 12.3 and above (including the latest iOS 13.2.2) , including iPhone 5s to iPhone X, except iPad Air 2, iPad 5 and iPad Pro 1st generation. Furthermore, the checkra1n team warns that devices like iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad Air are tested a lot and these devices are likely to experience the most problems during the jailbreak.

Third: If you are still not sure if your phone is in support (chip A5 - A11) , then I recommend you to download the Geekbench app from the App Store , as it tells you the processor name. reason that your device uses.

iPhone 11 Pro uses A13 chip, so this tool cannot be used

Fourth: checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool , which means you need to connect to your computer every time you want to run the jailbreak again. This is different from tethered jailbreak  because  you can still reboot into iOS un-jailbroken without a computer  and it's different from semi-untethered jailbreak because  you can't open an app from the home screen to jaillbreak the device. my own . The father of the unc0ver tool - Pwn20wnd also has a simple explanation as follows:


Thursday: checkra1n is currently only available for macOS , Windows, and Linux operating systems that will be supported in future updates.

Friday: checkra1n will install Cydia after a successful jailbreak . The author of this tool says that there will be more tweak managers soon to be added like Sileo or Zebra.

Moving from unc0ver to checkra1n

If you have jailbroken with unc0ver before but still want to try checkra1n and keep the current iOS version then that's fine. You just need to do a few things like below:

  1. Open unc0ver app on your iPhone, iPad.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Turn on the Restore RootFS option and press Done .
  4. Click the Restore RootFS button from the main screen and wait for it to finish running then reboot.

This will remove all tweaks and Cydia but keep your current version of iOS. Now you can try the checkra1n tool with the instructions below.

If you are using the Chimera tool , the way to do it is the same: run Restore RootFS before switching to checkra1n.


How to jailbreak iOS 12.3 - 13.x by checkra1n


  • Devices running iOS 12.3 - 13.x , using A5 - A11 chip except iPad Air 2, iPad 5 and iPad Pro 1st generation
  • Mac or hackintosh , VMWare virtual machine cannot use this tool


1. Visit checkra1n's official website here and download checkra1n beta 0.9.1.dmg file on your Mac. Note: Do not download this jailbreak tool from anywhere other than the official website, otherwise it may contain malware.

2. Once the download is complete, double-click the .dmg file just downloaded above to open a file, then drag checkra1n application in the Applications folder (Applications) of you.

3. Next, open the folder Applications (Applications) on your Mac, right-click and select the application checkra1n Show package contents (Show Package Contents) .

4. Now, navigate to checkra1n - Contents - MacOS and double click on checkra1n_gui file .

5. Connect your iPhone to Mac and follow the on-screen instructions of checkra1n app to get started.

If you get a message on your iPhone to trust your computer, tap trust (you may have to enter your passcode if asked) .

Click the Start button

6. Click on Next to put your device into recovery mode (recovery) automatically.

Click the Next button , the device will enter recovery mode

7. Next, follow the on-screen instructions of checkra1n to put the device into DFU mode .

Note: If the Apple logo appears on the screen, you have pressed and held the volume down button for too long. If so, start the process from scratch and try again.

Enter DFU mode by following the instructions

8. If successfully entering DFU mode, checkra1n will begin jailbreaking your device, just wait until the words "All done " appear and click on the Done button .

9. Now open your device and tap on the checkra1n app on the home screen.

10. Click the Cydia option to install Cydia on your device. More tweak managers will appear here in future versions of checkra1n.

11. Wait until the Cydia installation is complete, you will be ejected to the main screen. Now click on Cydia and enjoy.

You can refer to a list of iOS 13 compatible tweaks here (regularly updated from the community) .

I will try to update this article if checkra1n has a Windows version or other important notes, so please save this article for further tracking.

Finally, if you encounter errors or questions during the jailbreak process, just leave a comment below, I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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