Tired of iPhone running out of battery? Learn how to save battery power

 iPhones are fun and useful, we all know that. But all that usefulness and nice looks come at a price; battery life can be pretty abysmal if you don’t watch what you’re doing. My own phone can’t even last a day – and I just use it for calls, messages, mail and maybe a couple of productivity apps. What more someone who uses it for games and other apps? In my last post, I mentioned about iOS7 features and some of the features like live wallpaper are one of the major culprit of battery draining on my iOS8 powered iPhone5S. Here are few changes which I have made in past 2 week, which helped me to fix and improve iPhone battery life.

If you’ve been wondering how to conserve your iPhone’s battery life, fret not. I’ve compiled a list of handy tips to help you below.

How to Fix iPhone Battery Drain problem?

Before updating my iPhone5S to iOS8, I never faced Battery drain problem so significantly. Before making below mentioned changes, every morning when I woke up, my iPhone was dead, and I had to recharge it. None the less, when I’m out, I had to carry an extra battery-pack or recharge my phone using my car USB charger. So, if you are also one of those iPhone users who is tired of iPhone5 battery draining problem, follow all the below mentioned tricks and you will not complain about battery issues again.

1. Fix your brightness setting.

One of the biggest culprits of iPhone battery drain is your screen brightness. Make use of your phone’s ambient light sensor and put it on Auto-Brightness. It will automatically adjust your screen’s brightness levels based on light around it. You can also adjust this yourself using the slider to adjust brightness.

iPhone brightness Settings

2. Disable spotlight search.

Spotlight Search can be handy when you need to find something on your phone, but it can also drain battery by constantly updating its search index. Save battery and turn Spotlight Search off by unchecking all data types it can search for under Settings.

Disable spotlight Search

3. Don’t wait for auto-lock.

Get in the habit of locking your phone yourself after every use. Any minute that you leave the phone’s screen on adds to battery drain. Checked the time? Lock it yourself and don’t wait for auto-lock. You can also shorten the time to auto-lock by adjusting it under Settings.

iPhone Auto lock

4. Limit notifications.

Every time your iPhone receives notifications, it wakes up your phone and whichever app the notification was for responds, thereby using up battery. You can limit notifications to only the most important you need by going to the Privacy section under Settings. Do Not Disturb is also a great way to turn off the least important notifications quickly.

notification center

5. Turn off connectivity settings when not in use.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G or LTE all use up battery whenever they’re turned on, even while you’re not using them. Unless you really, absolutely need to be constantly connected, disable these settings to conserve battery. Though bluetooth consume very little battery, but again if you are not using it, you can quickly disable it and enable it when require.

iphone connectivity settings

6. Disable location services.

Location services are useful, especially for the Find My iPhone app, but leaving it turned on for all apps can drain battery life. Instead of leaving it turned on for all apps, you can select which app should use location services under the Privacy section in Settings. Keep a note that you don’t like to disable location services specially when you are travelling, as if you misplace your iPhone, you can use find my iPhone service to locate your phone.

disable location service

7. Turn off Parallax and dynamic backgrounds.

iOS 7 recently introduced Parallax and dynamic backgrounds, which are pretty but use up battery life. The advanced motion and 3D effects are cool looking but do not add much functionality to your phone. Instead, disable Parallax by looking under Accessibility in the General section of Settings. Switch back to standard wallpapers. They may not be as fun, but they’ll help you improve your iPhone’s battery life.

reduce motion

8. Don’t push email, fetch less often.

Push email means that your mail app will listen for incoming mail and “push” it out to your phone as soon as it arrives. This can be quite the battery drain, so if you’re not really waiting for an important email to arrive it may be better to fetch your email every hour or so instead. You can also just disable that altogether and just manually fetch your mail.

iphone mail fetch new data

9. Stop apps from auto-updating.

iOS 7 now automatically updates apps for you as soon as new versions are released. Again, this can drain your battery. Instead, choose when to update your apps by going to the Updates settings in iTunes and App Store under settings.

setting itune app store

10. Buy an extended battery pack

If you’d rather lose battery life than turn off services that are essential to you, maybe it’s time to invest in an external battery instead. There are a lot of extended life batteries from different brands, just pick the one that suits you best. Mophie juice pack is what I recommend and buy the one with more Mah. I will make a list of best battery pack soon.

If you are constantly getting issue with battery draining issue,  Download this new app call Normal from app store, as it will show you which apps are using maximum battery on your iPhone. Interestingly it also shows if any of your cydia apps is consuming lots of battery.

You might say that turning off all of these things is like disabling your iPhone’s “smartphone” capability, but the trick is fine-tuning all the services and apps you need so that you use battery life on just the essentials.

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