Toggle WhatsApp Web for iPhone With Cydia Tweak

Whatsapp launched web.whatsapp.com a while back, and it was compatible with Android devices only. I’m hoping that Whatsapp on iOS will get the Whatsapp web support soon, but there is no definite time for that. If you are someone like me, who works on their laptop all day, Whatsapp web is a great addon for your Whatsapp experience Good news is, and you can activate Whatsapp for iOS in next few minutes with a simple to use Cydia tweak. This is a tweak which was launched few weeks back, and it will make your iOS Whatsapp web enabled. The tweak is call WhatsApp Web helper, and it doesn’t require any setting or configuration.Let me quickly guide you on how to use this little Cydia tweak to make it work for you.

How to use WhatsappWebhelper Cydia Tweak?

You need to have your iOS device jailbroken to use this tweak. If you haven’t jailbroken your device yet, you should read this guide. Once your device is jailbroken, go to Cydia & search for WhatsAppWebhelper & install it.

Whatsapp web helper

First time users can refer to following guides:Once you have the tweak installed on your device, open Whatsapp and go to settings. There you will see an option for Whatsapp web.

Whatsapp settings

Click on it, and you will see a screen like what is shown below.

Scan Webwhatsapp code

Now go to Web.whatsapp.com your Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. (Whatsapp web doesn’t support Safari browser yet). Scan the barcode, and you will be able to start using your Whatsapp on your desktop browser.

This is how Whatsapp web interface looks like:

Whatsapp web
  • You can click on file icon at the top to send a file from your desktop to any Whatsapp user. You can also click the picture using your laptop camera & send it to anyone.
  • Whatsapp file size sending limit is 16MB, so if you are sending a large file, make sure to compress or optimize it accordingly.

If you get, an error saying makes sure your phone has an active connection to Whatsapp web, ensure that your phone is connected to internet.  You might like to ensure that Background app refresh is enabled on your iPhone to provide seamless connectivity between Whatsappweb & your app.If you are a Whatsapp group admin, you would love using web.whatsapp.com. Go ahead & use this Cydia Tweak to enable Whatsapp web on your iPhone. If you are stuck or have any question, feel free to ask me via comments. Don’t forget to share this amazing Cydia hack with other friends on your social networking sites.

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