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Instructions to block iOS updates using Adguard Pro


Until now to block iOS updates ( block OTA update ) you simply need to install tvOS 12 beta profile . However tvOS 12 beta profile has expired, for iOS 11 and below users can use tvOS 13 beta profile . What about iOS 12 and above users? This article will guide you how to block iOS updates by using Adguard Pro .

Step 1: Install Adguard Pro (install here ).

Step 2: Turn on Adguard Pro and configure iOS update blocker.

In the Status section switch to enable Adguard Pro , if this is the first time you install Adguard Pro it will ask you to install VPN -> click OK as shown below:

Select Allow to install VPN
Use fingerprint (password or face) to set up VPN.

Once the VPN is installed, it will automatically return to Adguard Pro application Now go to Privacy Settings .

Next choose the Blacklist .

Click in the middle of the screen and enter the following 3 urls (one per line):

  • xp.apple.com
  • gdmf.apple.com
  • mesu.apple.com

Once done, click Done in the right corner of the screen to save.

Step 3: Hide the VPN icon.

To hide the VPN icon on the status bar, you go to Advanced Settings .

Chọn Full-Tunnel (without VPN icon).

Now you can go to settings to check for updates.

Good luck.

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