Collection of the best jailbreak tweak archives for iOS

 The tweak archive (aka Source Tweak, Source Cydia, Source Sileo) is where developers upload their tweaks. So TTJB recommends that you add third-party resources to use Jailbreak perfectly.

Instructions for adding sources

If you have never used Jailbreak and do not know how to source more, you can follow the instructions below:

  •  Open Cydia and tap on the Sources tab  .
  •  Next, click on the Edit button   at the top right.
  •  Click the Add button   in the upper left.
  • A request to enter the source's URL will appear. Enter the URL manually or copy and paste it, then click the Add Source button  With some sources of crack (pirated tweak downloads without copyright) you may get a message that it is not safe. If you want to use these resources, click Next  Anyway add

Here's how it works with the Sileo package manager:

Huong Dan Them Nguon Sileo

Below are the best sources of the present time according to TTJB's synthesis. You can look through to choose the right resources for your needs. These are only the most common sources. There are also Tweaks  that are only available in a certain source. With these Tweaks, TTJB has added the source details in the article introducing that Tweak.

List of prominent sources


TTJB's source is updated with tweaks developed by the TTJB team. Some tweaks can be mentioned such as: VCallerSreen, StoreKit Zero, ... and it is mainly for the jaibreak community in Vietnam.

URL:  https://repo.thuthuatjb.com


Used to be Cydia's default source (using Electra Jailbreak) and default source on Chimera Jailbrak Now is the biggest source of iOS Tweaks . This source is also officially imported by Chariz .

URL:  https://repo.packix.com

CP Digital DarkRoom

CP Digital DarkRoom also comes with a large number of great products like Medusa (a system customization tweak that brings Picture-in-Picture and Split View to iPhone) and plenty of shortcuts to facilitate manipulation. advantages when users use 3D Touch etc ...

URL:  https://beta.cpdigitaldarkroom.com or https://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com

Ryan Petrich Repo

The developer has quite a few well-known tweaks and most of them are free. On iOS 12, this is an important source to add to make your jailbreak more stable. One of the most famous system tweaks that Ryan Petrich contributes to the jailbreak community is Activator, which enhances system functionality such as setting actions, assisting with offloading of work on devices, by add more quick settings for the device, instead of having to dig through the menu, install or use the hard home button etc ...

URL:  http://rpetri.ch/repo


The famous game repository for gamers or app buffs, offers lots of popular titles and lots of free content on an app called AppCake at this source.

URL: http://cydia.iphonecake.com


If you are not interested in jailbreak tweaks and want to make the ones yourself. Flex is a powerful tool that allows you to modify the device in any way you want, and this repository has every Flex version you may need to complete this task. You can also refer to the good Flex Patches.

URL:  http://getdelta.co


CreatureSurvive's Beta repository is full of add-ons to make the iOS experience more pleasant.

URL:  https://creaturesurvive.github.io

Karen Repo

AngelXwind is a well known jailbreak developer. Among the highlights in her repository are bug fixes, jailbreak tweaks to extend the functions of iOS, and junk cleaning tools. Typically Appsyns (helps to install unsigned IPAs), Mikoto (customizes iPhone similar to Springtomize but extends to customizing some third-party apps and default apps)

URL:  https://cydia.angelxwind.net


Tateu's repository is a great place for any jailbreaker. Famous tweaks must come like OpenNotifier (which displays the notification icon on the status bar of almost all the apps in the device), StatusBar NoX (changes the status bar of the iPhone X to the same as iPhone 8 or lower devices. ), Perpetual10 Lite (keeps notifications from getting lost on lock screen when unlocking the device)

URL:  http://tateu.net/repo


CydiaGeek has built jailbreak tweaks that control the look of iOS for a long time, and he often stores them in his beta repository before sending them to BigBoss.

URL:  http://cydiageek.yourepo.com


LaughingQuoll has gained fame in recent years after developing a series of popular jailbreak tweaks just like Eleven. Many LaughingQuoll projects appear in their beta repository before being released to the BigBoss repository



If you are in need of changing the look of your iPhone or iPad, we recommend adding the JunesiPhone repository. With dozens of tweaks and widgets available to download, you can discover new ways to personalize your device. This repo has LockPlus Pro (unique lock screen interface custom) that you can refer to TTJB's article about LockPlusPro

URL: http://junesiphone.com/supersecret


Cokepoke Repo involves creating miscellaneous experiences in better App Store apps (AppStore ++,…). The range of adjustments available is very limited but it might be worth a try.

URL:  https://cokepokes.github.io


NullPixel has few interesting tweaks and add-ons on this repository that haven't been added to BigBoss yet. Some of you might find this helpful.

URL:  http://repo.nullpixel.uk


Cydia source by developer Elias Limneos. This source has extremely toxic tweaks such as CallBarX (changing the call interface of iOS), BioProtectX (locking apps with fingerprints), Audio Recorder (automatic iOS call recording), ... Limnes's tweaks are worth it. .

URL: http://limneos.net/repo/


Julioverne is one of the very famous developers in the jailbreak community. His source has extremely useful tools, Mimport (import music into the Music app or Ringtones), Ext3nder (install and sign IPA on iOS based on Cydia Extender) NtSpeed ​​(shows network speed as a window floating on the screen), ...

URL: http://julioverne.github.io

C1d3r Repo

C1d3r is a long-known well-known iOS developer. His tweaks are released exclusively on their own source and are not distributed on any other source. The tweaks of C1d3r are always appreciated for their creativity and usefulness. Must be mentioned as: PullOver Pro , ChargeAnimation , ...

URL: https://c1d3r.com/repo

SparkDev Repo

SparkDev Repo stores tweaks developed by Spark developer, he is also a very well known developer in the jailbreak community with tweaks like SnowBoard , SneakyCam , ...

URL: https://sparkdev.me/

Additional Sources

Here are some great resources you should also add to get more interesting tweaks

  • https://ibsoft.net/cydia/
  • https://apt.alfhaily.me/
  • http://beta.unlimapps.com/
  • http://cydia.ichitaso.com/
  • https://tigisoftware.com/cydia

List of some major crack sources:

  • https://pulandres.me/repo
  • https://rejail.ru
  • https://repo.hackyouriphone.org
  • https://cydia.kiimo.org
  • https://julio.hackyouriphone.org


Do you have any other sources of archives in our list? Leave a comment and don't forget to share it if you find it helpful!

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