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Download Cyber Hunter MOD APK v0.100.336

 Cyber Hunter MOD APK: After the huge success of PUBG Mobile, the trend of battle royale games has completely changed. People started playing battle royale games on their Android phone and there are many other new battle royale games released in the market. There’s no doubt PUBG is at first but which other game would be best for you.

Personally I don’t like PUBG Mobile now, I said now, that means PUBG Mobile was my favorite sometime ago but not now, its total shit. I am sorry to PUBG fans and lovers but that’s my opinion. PUBG MOBILE is full of hackers, lags, glitches and many other problems. But we’re not here for PUBG, are we?

Well, after playing many other battle royale game, I found one game which could be best for you that is Cyber hunter MOD APK. This is kind of advanced battle royale game where you’ll get advanced weapons and other items like you’re in the future. There are many different characters in the game like Celestial Wanderers, who fight for justice, hunter which is total advance. Each character will have different superpower with power to control quantum cube energy in the game.


You might be having a question that this game is free to download and play then why should you download mod apk. The answer is simple, its upon you which you want, you can download APK and also the Modded version. In Cyber Hunter MOD APK, you’ll get features like unlimited money and credits.

In this post, you’ll get direct download like cyber hunter mod apk + normal apk(original APK is for those who want to test their skills and want to play the game genuinely). But if you’re like me who wants to play the game and win every match then you should go with MODDED Version. But don’t forget to read the installation details given below the post to make sure that you don’t get any error while installing the game.

Cyber Hunter v0.100.336 MOD APK Latest Version

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Download Cyber Hunter 0.100.336 MOD APK[98 Mb]

DATA[1.80 Gb]

Cyber Hunter MOD APK Overview

The gameplay is really awesome, yes, it follows last man standing gameplay, but also you’ll get many other things like survival, shooting, construction and other different weapons. I find a graphic bit simple but at least they are smooth and the game doesn’t lag when 2-3 people are nearby you as the PUBG Mobile.

Features of Cyber Hunter MOD APK

Cyber Hunter MOD APK

  • Multiplayer Matchmaking: The game supports simple to understand multiplayer matchmaking system, by which you can play quickly in any mode you want. It will not take much time to get started.
  • Different game modes: There are many different game modes which you can play, these include, classic, arcade, and another short period.
  • 99 players: With you and there will be 99 different players with you and you will be landed on a remote desert, jump from plane to quantum world.
  • Collect your items: After you successfully landed on the land then you’ll need to collect your weapons, equipment and other items like health kit, or armor which you will find on the building on the island.
  • Kill your enemies: After collecting what you need then you’ll get enough power against the other players, and then its time to fight against your enemies and become the last man standing in Cyber Hunter  MOD APK.
  • Collect Quantum Cubes: You need to collect Quantum cubes which will you have your own defense types of equipment like set traps, radar forges and many more other. These cubes can be collected by crushing different objects.

Weapons & Gameplay

There are two ways to move from one location to another, one is by running and one is by driving in vehicles. There’s no doubt that vehicles are a faster way of transport but they also make a sound that will alert your enemies. This is why I only use a vehicle when I need too move from one location to another more quickly. Otherwise, I try to run on my foot only in Cyber Hunter MOD APK.

Download Cyber Hunter MOD + APK

The best thing about the game its weapons, they are advanced and much smoother and new. This is the main reason I downloaded this game on my Android device. You will find all new kinds of weapons which will release energy, not Ammos, Just like Fortnite. There are many kinds of weapons available but you need to choose which suits you best.

How to Install?

  1. First step would be uninstalling any previous version of the game if you have
  2. Then you should download Cyber Hunter MOD APK
  3. Enable “Unkown Sources” Option from Settings>Security
  4. Its time to install the game on your Android device
  5. Allow any other permissions if it asks for
  6. Open the game and Enjoy
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