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 Do you love Action Games or you’re a great fan of 2d games or you want to get some best addictive game on your Mobile Phone? If yes, then today is gonna lucky day for you. I am going to give you most addictive 2d action game and that is b. This is a really fun game and I am sure you’ll love this game.

This game is really addictive that you will not stop playing after you play this game once. Soul Knight MOD APK is kind of Action, RPG and shooter game. The game is developed and published by ChillyRoom a popular gaming company which is well known for making Android and iOS games.

You can discover new lands like a dark castle and collect weapons & dodge bullets by which you can destroy everything in the match. The storyline will entertain you very much and the gameplay is mind-blowing. The Soul Knight offers some beautiful graphics and the best part is that game is of 69 Mb only that means you don’t need to worry about storage of your Mobile device.


Now, the question arises that why do you need a modded version of the game as this game is 100% free to download and play for Android. There’s only one reason and that is in-app purchase, you need to spend real money in order to get diamonds and gems which will help you in the game.

Today, I’ll give you a download link to Soul Knight MOD APK + Soul Knight normal apk(for those who don’t like any kind of hack version and want to test how good they are at action games). But make sure you follow the installation details most people get error who don’t read the installation process of the apk.

Download Soul Knight v2.7.3 MOD APK Unlimited Money

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Download Soul Knight MOD APK v2.7.3


Download Soul Knight Normal APK


Soul Knight MOD APK Overview

The Soul Knight would be best when you’re free or when you love to play action 2d games. Discover all-new dungeon, acquire loopy guns, stay out of bullets and shoot‘em all up. Extremely clean and intuitive to control the game. It also offers brilliant smooth and fun gameplay included with blended with rogue-like factors. This is why I thought this is possibly the best shooter game on Android device.

Features of Soul Knight MOD APK

  • There are many different heroes to choose in the game and each one will have different abilities. Choose the hero which can make you win the match.
  • When you download Soul Knight MOD APK you will find 170 one of kind weapons that you can find and explore while playing the match.
  • Every time you start the game, you’ll get randomly generated many dungeon worlds which will make you experience many worlds.
  • NPCs are really important, However, you get to know the importance of NPCs when you play the game. They can help you in winning the match.
  • What I like the most in the game is System of Auto-Aim which will help you for controlling the game at the next level.
  • I can keep on writing about the game the whole day, so, I suggest you go ahead and download Soul Knight.


First, I just want to know that this recreation is extraordinarily difficult to play and tough for you. Have you played ‘Enter The Dungeon’ the story is similar to that only? If you’ve ever played you will be able to see that this game is much like. The main aim of this game is to defeat all enemies in every stage with your very own heroes.

Different heroes have different abilities that you can make the most, consisting of some of them able to the usage of guns, some can avoid bullets, some can stealth opponents energy, and plenty of different skills. This is for sure, each hero has its very own weakness along with powers. You can also unlock some other characters.

These characters can be unlocked with gems(which you’ll get unlimited if you download Soul Knight mod apk) or you can purchase them also, but like me, if you have a loose budget then you must download hacked version. You can also be revived when you lose, just need to spend 2 hundred jade or watch an advertisement.

Most I liked is:

After you successfully kill all enemies, then you’ll get the reward of a buff that will help you grow further in the game. You will also get mercenaries who assist you in the technique to win. But You will lose money to rent them, which may be earned if you win the match. After getting 3 mercenaries, then its almost like you win the match.

Explore the Dangerous Environment

Soul Knight MOD APK is an action-packed 2d shooter game wherein you can become as an excellent knight, while you need to defend the world, and in opposition to the face the darkness. You might be placed into the dark world in which there are labyrinths full of traps and darkish forces.

Explore and locate guns and combat them. This version is split into exceptional levels, offering you with a hard adventure. You need to go over the horrors caves and face the risks. Soul Knight also offers you a variety of help objects together with Guns, Swords, HP, MP, Armor, so, you get everything which you may need in the game.

The Best Part is:

While you grow further in the game, at every level, the range of monsters will become large, so your skill must be good to manipulate the character, Fight them while dodging the bullets which they fire at you. If you get hit by many bullets you will die, and you need to restart your game.

The Soul Knight’s controls mechanism is quite easy, it simplest includes an analog stick which is for moving your character and one button to attack the enemy, and one is to use special attacks while in trouble. In addition, the Soul Knight MOD APK uses a 2.5D images history, so it’s smooth to look.

Weapons in the game

In each level, weapons which you use might be special, such as guns, bow, blade, or it can be laser also. Soul Knight MOD APK has one hundred twenty distinctive guns for you to choose. To use this weapon, you will need mana or soul which is a blue bar. As I said earlier every weapon has its personal energy.

  • like while the use ar specific gun you could break enemy gadgets fast.
  • However, it takes plenty of mana so that you hardly ever use this weapon.
  • On the other hand, the blade can deal with bigger damage but its range is pretty brief.
  • And I like to use more and more blades as it does take any mama.
  • What I liked the most is, You constantly have a puppy with you, firstly a cat who will help you win the game.
  • You can also buy some other pets anytime but you need to have diamonds and gems which you will get unlimited if you have mod apk of Soul Knight.

How to Install Soul Knight MOD APK on Android

Here is installation guide for soul knight, get everything unlimited including gems, diamonds, and gold:

  1. Download the MOD APK or Normal Apk of the game from the link given above
  2. Install the Apk on your Android device
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” Option from security<settings
  4. Allow any other permission if asks for
  5. Open the game, choose your favorite character and enjoy

Final Words

If you love 2d Action games then this game is something you should play on your Mobile device. If you love RPG game then also you should download soul Knight MOD APK. Make sure don’t get addict to the game as this game is really addictive. I literally got addicted for about 2 weeks no stop playing this game.

I hope you successfully downloaded and installed the game and if you are facing any kind of issue then let me know through the comments below. I will give you the best solution to your problem. Let your friends know about the game by share with them.

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