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 State of Survival MOD APK: Since there has been an increase in movies and Tv Shows that showing zombie apocalypse, there has been a huge increase in love among zombie surviving diversions. It is now a differently known genre in the gaming industry, with an increase in love of zombie gaming loving games, there has been an increase in Zombie games.

Android Market is full of Zombie loving games and people look for different kinds of zombie loving games like one with surviving from zombies, one with killing zombies and in some you are zombies. But in this game, you will be placed in a future world where also everything has been destroyed by zombies and all the world is full of zombies.

The zombie apocalypse has begun for six months. Now, it has spread all over the world. Everything is full of horror and terror, you need to fight against zombies. You will be playing the role of a survivor, you and your friends will fight against monsters. You also strategically make zombie surviving and protecting a city where no one can enter without your permission.


Well, State of Survival isn’t going to be easy for you, It will take some time and your strategy to be Pro in the game. In order to enjoy and get the best items in the game, you need to have Unlimited Money but in the Normal version of State of Survival, you will not get all this. This is why we have something called State of Survival MOD APK where you will get unlimited money and also No Skill CD.

In this post, I  am gonna give you a 100% free direct download link to the State of Survival MOD APK and also Normal APK. You can choose whichever you want whether normal APK or Modded version if you want to play the game in a genuine way then you can go with Normal APK but if you want everything Unlimited Money.

State of Survival: Survive the Zombie v1.8.51 MOD APK No Skill CD

Icon of state of survival

NameState of Survival MOD APK
Size137 MB
MOD FeatureNo Skill CD
Updated on7 June, 2020

Download State of Survival v1.8.51 MOD APK


Download State of Survival Orignal APK


State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse MOD APK Overview

A zombie virus has spread from all around the world and it is taking everyone down who comes into its way. Everyone is tiring to beat this virus, including military and government but all have lost and now turned into zombies. You are the last hope of all the left living being and you need to protect them in State of Survival MOD APK.

Features of State of Survival Game

  • Fight Against Virus: There is no military and government now to protect you, you need to make your own team so that they can fight against the apocalypse. All cities and places are full of zombies your team has the mission to protect all the survived people.
  • Make Allies: It’s impossible to fight against zombies alone, you need to strategically partner with other people who can join your army and fight against the virus with you in State of Survival MOD APK.
  • No Rules: There is no humanity now, everything has changed so there will be no rules out there. If you want to survive then you need to kill all other zombies even if those were you, friends, once. This will be different from other zombie games.
  • Rescue: Your main objective in this game would be surviving and saving the survivors from the zombies and then they in turn will help you’re to fight against other zombies. You can also use your abilities which are hidden somewhere in State of Survival.
  • Control the infection: when you will grow further in this game you will get many different ways by which you can control this pandemic. But till then you need to use weapons and strategy to protect saviors.

The storyline of the game

MOD APK survival game

You are chief, your main mission is to make the strategy so that you can re-build human society in this apocalypse environment. You need to make new areas and expand your team so that you can upgrade yourself to fight against zombies. Expand the level of production of resources and also innovative technology that will help you to protect everyone.

State of Survival MOD APK also consists of many daily activities which are an essential thing to destroy the zombies and defend against the attack of zombies. You are the leader of the zombie army and you will be the one who can combine all the different classes: archers, melee fighters, snipers and other riders. Without you, your team is incomplete.

How to Install?

  1. First, uninstall the previous version of the game if you have
  2. Download the latest version of the game from the above link
  3. Go to Settings>Security and then Enable Unkown Sources Option
  4. Install the State of Survival MOD APK on your Android device
  5. Allow any other permissions if game asks for
  6. Open the game and Enjoy
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