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 Do you like Cartoon games, well, I love cartoon games. There are many cartoon games available out there in the market for you to play. Kill monsters who try to kill you with a wonderful 3D game Swamp Attack MOD APK. Get your best guns and defend your home from the dangerous monsters.

So the story of the game is simple, at the beginning you are living a normal life in your beautiful house with marshes. And one day you are attacked by several monsters and zombies and all you need to do is protect your house from them. Swam Attack is a really cool shooter game and it is much like a mixture of tower defense and strategy game and will definitely get you to kill your time.

If we talk about graphics of the game then it is designed with simple 3D but beautiful character-rich cartoon graphics, thanks to Outfit7 LimitedAction. All the matches are placed in a house with marsh and you may not get to see any other place throughout the game, but don’t worry this game is not an adventure game, right? So, you won’t get disappointed in terms of joy.


If you’re like me then you probably don’t want to wait to master the game and earn money to unlock several other important items of the game. For them, I have something called swamp attack MOD APK for free and not only you’ll get unlimited Money but also many other things like Energy, I will briefly tell the features of Hack MOD below. Just stick around with me and enjoy it.

In this article, I will give you what all the best features of the game are and I’ll share your download link to Swam Attack MOD APK + Normal APK for those who don’t like any kind of hacked versions. But hey, don’t forget to read the installation details which I’ll give you below the post. That is something the main part of this whole post.

Swamp Attack v4.0.4.75 Mega MOD APK Unlimited Energy


Download Swamp Attack v4.0.4.75 MOD APK


Download Swamp Attack v4.0.4.75 Normal APK


Swamp Attack MOD APK Overview

Just simply pick up your favorite weapon and protect your house from monsters like a crazy zombie, aliens, crocodiles and many more. Your strategy will make a difference along with shooting styles. Monsters will not take care of anything so make sure you won’t leave any monster unbeaten in Swamp Attack MOD APK.

You will get many weapons like flamethrower(my personal favorite), blob-throwers, dynamite, and many more exciting weapons which will definitely help you to kill zombies and monsters. Shoot your enemies but don’t forget to protect also, your home is certainly a crucial element for you in the best action shooting game.

Features of Swam Attack MOD APK

swamp attack gameplay

  • You can choose any gun and fight, just by a single tap on the screen.
  • To get new weapons, you need to upgrade before completing a new level.
  • You can switch one different weapon on the match but make sure you kill your enemy
  • Drinking potion will get you top up your energy and you can carry on playing, but if you download Swam Attack MOD APK then you’ll get energy for free
  • It is also a tower defense game but here, you need to defend your home rather than of any tower or castle
  • More than 8 Action involving Episodes
  • Up to 400 Single Player Levels to play
  • Also, Multiplayer levels which are around 40
  • If you don’t like these levels quick missions are for you
  • More than 30 Cool Defensive weapons like the mighty shotgun, the reckless minigun, and the super atom bomb.
  • But besides weapons there are 45 different monsters that want to kill you, so use your strategy in a proper way.


Swamp Attack MOD APK begins with a simple game style in which you as a normal man chilling in your house on a recliner and you are playing your favorite music but a gun in your hand(this is strange I know). Everything seems peaceful since you find that big mouth crocodiles are coming to attack your house and your next move would make use of your gun. Shoot your gun with simple touches and kill the monsters.

In this game you’ll find more than 300 levels with up to 8 specific chapters, So there would be nothing which can ever make you feel bored. As usual starting levels would be easy all you need to do to win the match is pick up a gun and kill that coming crocodile and then pick up money from them. In every new match, you’ll find a new monster coming for you to kill you.

Coming to monsters, you’ll get more than 35 different types of monsters and the best part, each of them would have different special powers, some of them either can attack you from long distance without near to you. This is why I always kill the monster at first sight after I see one, I don’t give them a chance to kill me. After some time Medicine vials will be introduced to you which help you to heal yourself from monster attacks. This will be unlimited if you have Swamp Attack MOD APK.

Pick Up the Best Weapon

Download MODDED Version

You will get many new choices of weapons but at the beginning of the stage, weapons are limited with a normal gun that is Shotgun but not in case if you have Swamp Attack MOD. Gradually you’ll get many new weapons and stronger guns. Unlock many weapons but weapons are of no use if you don’t know how to use,  and also you can switch guns seen on the same screen and upgrade them. There are explosive weapons are used simple drag and drop which consist of gas tanks, bombs, acid rain and etc.

The main things in the game are gold coins and it is one of the most important items and this is something you should collect at the time. You’ll earn gold and money by killing more and more monsters. Don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and buy more weapons and upgrade defense equipment which will help your house to increase more HP.

How to Install

  1. Uninstall the previous version of the game if you have but if you haven’t played this game before
  2. Download the Swamp Attack MOD APK or Normal APK from the above link
  3. Make sure that you have already enabled the “Unkown Sources” Option from securities<Settings
  4. Now its time to install the game
  5. Open the game and enjoy Everything unlimited
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