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People love to play tower defense games and me too. There are hundreds of Tower defense games available out there to choose from but its really difficult to choose gems out of them. I played many tower defense games but after trying huge bunch games I found the game which is suitable for me and you may also love his game and that is Tiny Archers MOD APK.

I played this game several times and What I observed is its beautiful tower defense game which let you defend your place with dangerous goblins, who will destroy your place. I really liked the sound and graphics of the game as this is something which is the backbone of any game. So Tiny Archers MOD APK will not disappoint you on these matters.

The gameplay is much like similar to angry birds where you need to drag and release to shoot. The main objective of yours is to protect your tower from evil goblins by killing them. You will discover fantastic characters and fight with more than one enemy, unlock magic arrows and many more surprising abilities.

But Why MOD APK?

Yes, I agree if you say that game is free to download and play on Google Play Store but in-game purchases and many other in-game items aren’t free. You need to pay real cash in order to buy them. This makes the entertainment incomplete. This is Why Tiny Archers MOD APK will give you everything unlocked and unlimited.

Today, I’ll give you download link to Tiny Archers MOD APK and Normal APK(this is for them who doesn’t like any kind of modified versions) and importantly installation details which you must read in order to download and install this game without any problem on your Android device.

Tiny Archers MOD APK Unlimited Gems/ All Unlocked

Tiny Archers

NameTiny Archers MOD APK
Size86 Mb
Updated on12 Feb, 2020
AndroidAndroid 4.1 and up

Download Tiny Archers MOD APK


Download Tiny Archers Original APK


Tiny Archers MOD APK Overview

Tiny Archers MOD APK is a free Tower Defense Android game developed and published by 1DER Entertainments. This game allows you to guard your tower against the attacking hordes of goblins.

Tiny Archers MOD APK

You’ll be placed in the top of the tower to guard your area and the way to the kingdom. You will be an archer and you’ll try to shoot at the attacking enemies coming from several directions to your tower. Goblins and Trolls will lay siege on your tower and they can also shoot you as they have weapons too. The gameplay is simple but all you need to do is shoot in the right place as you’ll have a limited amount of arrows.

Features of Tiny Archers MOD APK

  • You will get 4 wonderful characters to kill your enemies: dwarf, human, elf, and Beastmaster
  • There will be 4 sudden stories on this uniquely designed tower defense Android game
  • Kill the trolls, goblins, and skeletons to defend your tower with unique arrows, abilities and different assault layers
  • Challenge yourself in 4 specific stories with hundred and thirty particular tower defense levels to play
  • Master and improve your archery talents to precisely aim attacks that stun, sluggish down, or kill your enemies immediately
  • You can also upgrade your characters and acquire assets to find out new, magic arrows and capabilities
  • Make your specific strategy and decision to attack and defend your tower from an army of goblins and trolls
  • The strategy includes laying traps for goblins and trolls in Tiny Archers MOD APK
  • Survive longer inside the new game mode and be the top in Leaderboard.
  • You can also play with others inside the new Social feature to see who’s the best among all in leaderboards
  • What I like about the game is you can also chat with others and share your score with them
  • Enjoy the wonderful experience of Tiny Archers MOD APK
  • Different Locations to discover: dwarf mines, forests, elf towns, valleys, and haunted graveyards
  • The experiment features also introduced for 10+ guys: blood mode, exploding our bodies, kill-cam


Story line

Shoot from your bow to save your kingdom from hordes of goblins and trolls who want to destroy your kingdom. Shoot on your enemies and grow to be the finest Tiny Archer on this hard, myth, action game. Explore outstanding characters, combat multiple enemies, unlock magic arrows and sudden abilities.

Use your archery capabilities to survive. Defend your tower, defeat infinite goblin and skeleton armies and save the day. Join the ultimate bow and arrow adventure of Tiny Archers MOD APK. Become the best archery master and save your kingdom with bow and arrow in this wonderful tower defense game.

Everything Unlimited and Unlocked

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Everything Unlocked
  • Unlimited Diamonds and Gems
  • No need to Root your device
  • Safe to use and Download
  • Anti-ban system
  • 100% Free to download

Characters and Goblins Fight

However, the game has 4 characters to play but at the beginning of the game, you are confined to the most effective one choice: Adam the human. When will kill a certain amount of enemies with Adam, you may pass directly to Lily the fairy and Narin the dwarf.

Gameplay of Tiny Archers

You will grow in the game, you will come to know that you to shield your city out of your enemies and even gives a choice to disguise blood while killing goblins. Essentially, you will get to know that you how you can kill your enemies with a limited number of arrows.

After you complete on the level, you’ll receive gems that may be used to create armor or to unlock special powers such as pouring melting tar on a horde of goblins. But hey, don’t forget if you have Tiny Archers MOD APK then you’ll get unlimited gems.

When you grow further in the game, the variety of enemies will increase, and difficult to defeat gargantuan trolls starts appearing. What will happen if you run out of arrows? Then don’t worry, you can use gems also. But make sure you have a good amount of Gems because if you run out of gems too then no one can save yours from goblins.

How to Install

If you want everything unlocked and Unlimited then you need to follow this installation process:

  1. Download Tiny Archers MOD APK or Normal APK from the link above
  2. Enable “Unkown Sources” Option from Settings>Security
  3. Install the APK on your Android
  4. Allow any other permissions if asks
  5. Open the game and Enjoy
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