How to save shsh2 for jailbroken device


How to save SHSH2 for the jailbroken device

There are 2 ways to save SHSH 2 for Jailbreak devices is equal TSS Saver and system information

Method 1: Save SHSH2 with TSS Saver

Step 1: Turn on Cydia and add the source:


Step 2: Find and install TSS Saver from the above source.


Step 3: Turn on the TSS Saver, hit Save Blobs, and wait for the server to save SHSH2.


Step 4: Wait for your device to save SHSH2 to the server and then select Open Safari

Step 5: Once Safari loads the page, you will see the saved SHSH versions, you will have 3 options:

  • hit download ZIP : to download to iPhone and open with Filza.
  • Click Save : save to the cloud storage of Google drive.
  • Click Save in container : save to container.

Usually, for the best you should have it stored both on your iPhone and on your computer, you should continue to do the following:

Step 6: Click download ZIP and wait for the page to finish downloading, select “open in”, select “Add”, then select Filza.


SHSH will be transferred to Filza immediately. Just plug in your computer to copy this file to your computer a backup.


Storing SHSH in iPhone makes no sense as later when you need to use SHSH which is normally stored through tools on the computer. However, saving SHSH right on your iPhone will be essential in case you have Setnonce for your device (details in the next post). And the form of saving to GG Drive and Dropbox is a temporary solution if you don't have a computer at the time of saving.

Method 2: Save SHSH according to the System Information

Step 1: Launch Cydia, find and install the " System Information " tweak from Bigboss source.


Step 2: From the main screen, turn on Settings - General - introduction, navigate to ECID line


Step 3: swipe from right to left on the ECID line, select “Save SHSH2”


Step 4: SHSH2 currently saved is displayed (see SHSH2 saving rules here). You select SHSH2 of the iOS version you want to save (as shown in the picture is 11.4.1)


Why does your device only show 1-3 SHSH2? Simply because SHSH2 is saved only when certain iOS firmware is still signed, and usually only 1 or 3 of Apple firmware is open for signature at that time. When Apple signs it, it won't be saved no matter what iOS version you've jailbroken and jailbroken.

Step 5: Wait a moment for the device to proceed to save SHSH and download it to your iPhone. When the dialog box appears. You choose to open with Filza. (as photo).


Step 6: At this point, the SHSH2 file has been downloaded in Filza, you connect to your computer to create a backup.


Thus, the steps to save SHSH2 for the jailbroken device are very easy. When Apple releases a new version of iOS, you repeat the process of saving SHSH2 and backing it up to both your iPhone and computer. Once you have SHSH2, you continue to perform "set nonce" for the machine.

In case your Cydia crashes, fails to work or a tweak conflict leads to System info and Tssaver is unable to save SHSH2, you can go back to manually save it for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices here.
Good luck!

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