How to see interesting AR effects of the upcoming Apple Event



Apple has officially announced the launch event of the iPhone 12 on October 13, with the slogan “Hi, Speed” and the image of the invitation as below.

But that’s not all, Apple also hides another interesting “easter egg” on its event website, people can do the following to activate it.

Step 1: First you use your iPhone or iPad to access this website https://www.apple.com/apple-events/ will see the invitation image at the beginning. Haptic touch on the apple logo will see a pop up preview with the AR icon in the corner.


Step 2: Clicking the apple twice will open the AR camera interface, at which point you rotate the camera to a certain plane.

Step 3: Immediately, you will see an AR effect with the image of an apple exploding in small spheres around the orange 10.13 number in the center.


We can rotate the camera to change the perspective of the spheres, the orb after rotating around will merge into the same apple shape.




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