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Instructions for using AltStore to install IPA on iOS/iPadOS devices

 AltStore is a tool that supports installing iOS applications using IPA files without going through the App Store, the function is similar to Cydia Impactor/Sideloadly but only needs to be set up once on PC, the following uses can be directly on iOS.


Basically, AltStore is a tool that supports installing (sideloading) iOS applications using IPA files similar to Cydia Impactor.

Can support installing 3 applications on one account when installing with IPA file; No worries about certificate revocation thanks to the ability to re-sign certificates right on your phone (including the AltStore app); Auto-renew the app's certificate over WiFi if iPhone/iPad is connected to a computer running AltServer.


You can download this tool from the AltStore homepage . How to download installation on Windows and MacOS I have instructions here .

Select the version suitable for your operating system (Windows or MacOS). For Windows operating system, you need to use Windows 10 and AltStore is only offering beta version at the time of writing.


For Altstore to work you need the latest version of iTunes:

Once downloaded, click on the downloaded file to open AltStore.


Step 1: Install AltStore on your PC, the instructions link above (in this article I do it on Windows, for Mac OS, the same operation).
Step 2: Click the diamond icon on the Taskbar > Select Install AltStore > your iPhone/iPad.

Step 3: If there is a message "AltStore already installed on another device", click OK to confirm and start the process of installing AltStore on iPhone/iPad

Step 4: After the AltStore installation on iPhone/iPad is complete, you need to Trust the app in Settings > General > Device & Configuration Management.

Step 5: Open AltStore > switch to Settings tab > log in with the Apple ID account used before when installing the tool from the computer.
Step 6: Open Safari browser (still keeping the connection of iPhone/iPad with PC) > Go to the IPA file sharing website > Download the application you want to use.

Step 7: After downloading the application's IPA file, open AltStore> switch to the My Apps tab> click the + sign in the upper left corner of the screen> select the previously downloaded IPA file to start the installation process application.
Note: You can use the app immediately after completing the installation in AltStore, without having to go through the developer trust again in System Settings.

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